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AOI inputs

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AOI inputs | 11 November, 2013

Hi All

I want to know if any of you have any inputs (good/bad) from the following AOI machines, I have no experience on any of these machines, so I want to know what is the general perception of them.

Koh Young, Saki, Yamaha, Parmi.

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AOI inputs | 11 November, 2013

We use Koh Young for Solder Paste Inspection. Has been in steady use for over 5 years. Reliable and effective. Would buy the machine again.

I receive no benefit from any company listed above.


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AOI inputs | 11 November, 2013

Thanks for the info I have some experience with the Koh Young SPI, Also think very good machines, but no feedback from any AOI machine user.

Does any of you have an Koh Young AOI?

Thanks TM

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AOI inputs | 14 November, 2013

From what I saw these are more oriented to SPI inspection companies. Saki looks interesting asd well as Koh Young. Why don't you consider other more popular brands?

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AOI inputs | 15 November, 2013

Yeah saki is very good,is not a moving camera,is a scaner that scan the all board in few seconds. the programation is not the more easy,but the software and algorithm is very complete.

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