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Stencil Life Identification

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Stencil Life Identification | 4 November, 2013


How can the life of the stencil be decided? As the stencil is used contineously the thickness go on decreasing. How are you all deciding the life of stencil? As visually its dificult to deide the solder paste deposited thickness, is there any tools being used to check the stencil thickness by users.

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Stencil Life Identification | 5 November, 2013

I track all of our production daily in an excel spreadsheet that I use to calculate the OEE. I added another tab and use it to automatically calculate remaining stencil life of each stencil. I replace my stencils after 25K cycles, (prints). Things to take into consideration, I chart my production in single assemblies, so I created a formula to revert these back to panels. Then I use an If/Than statement to trigger a cell flag from "Safe" to "Order Stencil", (changing the color of the cell to RED, when the stencil life falls below 10%).


I like tracking it this way because it self calculates when I input my production data. I don't have to do anything other than to look at it every day and see if one of the stencil cells have triggered, prompting me to place an order for a replacement stencil.

Also, this falls under the category of "Predictive Maintenance", satisfying our ISO Requirement to have a Predictive Maintenance Program in place.

I'm curious to know what others are doing?

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Stencil Life Identification | 6 November, 2013

How does one determine a stencil is worn out ? We have stencils that have tens of thousands of cycles on them and Mr. SPI machine says all is good....

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