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MIRTEC AOI | 4 November, 2013

Good morning everyone I have read postings about Mirtec AOI, but they're not recent, so I'd like to know something about your experiences with Mirtec Benchtop MV-3. Our inspection department has now 3 MV-2HTL and we tried to make them as useful as possible, but they still have some problems (for example OCR doesn't work with everything and sometimes it doesn't find inclined and half soldered components). I want to know something about the options of the camera and about intellibeam. I'm even not so sure of Mirtec; so if you have some other advices on AOI producers, I'm glad to read it. Thanks Irene

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MIRTEC AOI | 4 November, 2013

I have two MV-3's and MV-7 machines, love them, easy to use and programm, but not ecspect any machine to catch 100% of defects

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MIRTEC AOI | 5 November, 2013

Hello Irene,

My name is Brian D'Amico, I am the president of MIRTEC USA. I noticed your posting on this forum and I would like to offer some guidance. First, I would like to ask which camera is installed on your machines. The MV-2HTL could either be configured with an analog 640x480 camera or a digital 1.3MP camera. Also, please let us know the resolution of the lens and which software version you are currently running on your system. Thank you...

Even though the MV-2HTL machines are considered legacy systems, they are still quite capable depending upon the configuration and the programming. Our new MV-3L system will, of course, provide a higher level of inspection capability as it may be configured with a total of (5) 10MP cameras and the Intelli-Beam 3D Laser System. As expected, there are also a host of new inspection algorithms that are also available with the latest MIRTEC systems.

As far as using OCR for resistors and ICs, the issue is really with the integrity of the nomenclature. OCR will work OK with part markings that are clear and consistent such as labels on programmed devices, silk screen markings and such, however, stamped and etched devices typically vary too much to achieve consistent results. In order to verify the markings on these devices we would recommend using OCV.

Regarding the lifted devices, this will be a function of two things, first is the hardware configuration of the machine. Second is programming. The best way to assist you is with a Webex session so that our technical staff may see exactly what you are experiencing on your end. Please feel free to contact your local MIRTEC office for support with questions such as these. We are here to help! The phone number to our support center in the USA is (203) 881-5559.

Thank you for your business confidence.


Brian D'Amico President MIRTEC USA

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