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Reflow profile prediction software

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Reflow profile prediction software | 24 October, 2013

Does anyone know of any good profile prediction software for free, trial or on the market that is not coupled with hardware. We want to specify the environment, paste, board and oven etc variables and have the software suggest the best cavern temperatures and conveyor speed. Thanks in advance:)

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Reflow profile prediction software | 28 October, 2013

There are many profilers(physical devices) on the market. Most of them have software that makes predictions based on information about the paste, oven model...., but I wouldn't trust the predictor as on your boards you will have different parameters to consider. On the predictor you can set the PCB size, but you can't set the number of layers, the amount of copper, the largest pad size, part size and part type, surface finish ....and more. You should always plug your thermo couples and check physically what is the real temperature on the board in order to have a good profile. all the software is doing is a very rough guestimate based on limited parameters.

Regards, Emil

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