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Seeking Thru-hole Process Flow Solution

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Seeking Thru-hole Process Flow Solution | 24 October, 2013

Hello, this is my first post to the forum. I am relatively new to the industry so bare with me.

I am researching the thru-hole area of our production floor. Currently we are utilizing Contact machines with large parts cabinets shared between 2 machines. Often a machine will be waiting on parts due to the other machine occupying that parts bin so we get a bottleneck at this area. We use a slideline to make up for this.

We are considering getting rid of the Contacts, due to this and server issues, and are researching what else might be out there. I have come across the MASCOT which would fit into a slideline like flow and has the laser for quality purposes. I want to know what else you guys may know of for a flow process with a high mix low volume floor. I don't think we want to spend the money on something fully automated so that won't be in the cards.

Also, we produce 2 sided boards (SMT parts) so is there a cut and clinch machine besides Contacts that can cut and clinch with parts on both sides of the board?

Thank you

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Seeking Thru-hole Process Flow Solution | 29 October, 2013

Hi Jake, A few questions: Is your CS-740 JIT bin dual picker or single picker? If it is a single picker then the answer may be as simple as getting a dual picker. Next question...what is your bin usage? Can you double up some of the more common part numbers so that each window can have the same part number simultaneously? Finally...there is always the option to convert to rotary bins. You can have two rotary bins for each machine and you could even add the lighted parts dispensers. We can help you with all of these possibilities. I think the CS-400 (are they D's or E's?) are proven pieces of equipment so it doesn't make sense to change that. A slide line will have boards come off the assembly line faster but then you have to hold the parts down during wave solder and then you have to cut the leads. Then you are actually producing less with more equipment. More equipment uses more floor space and adds to overhead costs (maintenance, power consumption etc.). Also you will have quality issues as cutting leads after soldering can fracture solder joints that may go undetected. You can contact me via email at (or phone me 203 790-8867 ext. 11) and we can discuss your situation in more depth. Greg Pompea Versatec

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Seeking Thru-hole Process Flow Solution | 31 October, 2013

We have the E's with a dual picker. The warehouse is currently split into 1114 different part numbers by splitting some bins between 2 different part numbers. We also do share common part numbers on the outside bins of the warehouse. We have a total of 4 seats and still fight the bottle neck issue, high mix doesn't help our situation any.

There is still a very good possibility that we will keep the contacts because they do work, we're just trying to simply explore all options which is the primary reason for this post. We are touring other production floors as well to see how others are doing as well.

What else is out there?

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Seeking Thru-hole Process Flow Solution | 11 November, 2013

Anyone know of other options out there?

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