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Quad 4C MK2, strange pickup delay

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Quad 4C MK2, strange pickup delay | 27 September, 2013

Hi everybody This week I was creating a new program by means of saving a successfull existing one under a new name with "UTILITIES/Data Base Utilities/Select/Copy/Delete Board Program" on CC7.54, to seize useful parts without having to teach them again such as nozzles locations, pickups, etc. The problem is that, after download the edited prog to the Head Controller, when I test the Pickups these run so slow, such as if MOD CODE 8 was increased to an astronomical value. I checked out the MODs and are Ok, also I reloaded them from the Back Up just in case... no change. The parameters and extents of the pickups were not altered nor edited, are the same of the original program. If I download the old prog to the machine everything runs fine. Even worst, if I teach a new pickup from zero with HHT, when I test it, it runs with a long delay (Over 100mS) even if it has no LAE ext attached. I dont have a clue of what happens.

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Quad 4C MK2, strange pickup delay | 1 October, 2013

I would try the following: 1. Back up your mod codes or make sure they are up to date. 2. Turn off the machine and slide a business card between the battery and the clip located on the EPCU card in the front card rack. 3. Download back in your mod codes.

good luck

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Quad 4C MK2, strange pickup delay | 2 October, 2013

Ok, I'll try it. In the meantime I overcame the problem by downloading the original program to the machine and tought the new placements, board size and repeats and then uploaded it to the new file and edited the rest on CC. It worked fine, no strange delays at all, but I think that it was not a solution, just a detour. Now we are doing a production batch that will last to the next week, then I'll try to flush the memory. I must to do a remark, our computer runs on Free DOS, not MS DOS6 because its HDD has failed badly a year ago. So I decided to install the alternative OS and a copy of CC from my colleagues, the good people of Nophsem. Every seems to go ok, but I dont discard the possibility of some incompatibility.

Thank you Bob. Best regards, Marcelo.

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