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Pick failure rate

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Pick failure rate | 16 September, 2013

I would appreciate if you can share your experience with pick failure rates, preferably for 0402 parts. Also, what percentage do you consider acceptable?

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Pick failure rate | 16 September, 2013

a lot depends on the age and type of equipment you are using . Older equipment can have a lot of problems with smaller parts. If all is well with your feeders and machine you should expect something like 99.8 to 99.9 percent. some parts will be identified as defective by the vision system and taping defects will prevent you from achiving 100% The factory spec on your machine should be available from your vendor

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Pick failure rate | 16 September, 2013

By tape manufacturer you can have up to two empty slots in the tape. That means you should have two retries after the first pick up.

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Pick failure rate | 17 September, 2013

Yes, I know all that, but I am interested in some real figures from the field. That is, what percentage of mispicks do you experience on average (for large runs, of course)?

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Pick failure rate | 18 September, 2013

For 0402's, if the operator is paying attention, our equipment Panasonic CM 402/602/NPM's run at about .001%. Again this is dependent on an operator that pays attention to the fail rate. We usually don't have too many problems with 0402's, LED's are another story. They usually run under .15%, and usually attributed to the nozzle we use (custom).

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