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Personnel | 14 September, 2013

How many operator/technician/engineer do you recommend for following SMT assembly line to achieve good uptime and smoothly running quality inspection, NPI process, tehcnical support and maintenance at the same time:

- Single shift, 8 hours/day - Printer, two pick & place machines, reflow, conveyors, loader and unloader - 1-4 changeover/shift - 200+ different products - 1-5 new protos or products/month - Batch size 10-4000 PCB's - Component count 1-1000/PCB (average 200-300/PCB) - Component range from large connectors to 2x2mm 20 ball WLCSP - New product introduction (programming and component database, printer/pick&place/reflow) - Maintenance and techincal support (entire line) - Visual quality inspection and repairing, quality control including entire shop floor (SMT+TH) - Production planning

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