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Profiling on a Selective Solder machine

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Profiling on a Selective Solder machine | 6 September, 2013

Hi All,

We have purchased an Ersa Versaflow selective solder machine, and I am looking in to profiling upon the machine.

We currently have a process for profiling our wave with a WaveRider system, this we use to gauge that the machine is set up correctly and I was wanting to know if there is anything on the market which will allow us do the same with the selective solder machine.

Any input would be greatly accepted.


Darron Fuller

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Profiling on a Selective Solder machine | 4 October, 2013

Same idea but simpler execution.

Verify Solder pot temperature.

Verify Temperature of Solder as it leaves the nozzle.

Verify preheating gets your PWB up to 90C-120C prior to soldering.

Check machine speed, verify 4 seconds contact with solder at each lead. Verify that max component temperature is not exceeded during contact with the solder.

All the above can be done with a handheld thermometer and some flexible thermocouples.

After that, your variables are PWB weight(mass) and thickness. Extend preheat time to achieve 90-120C, and slow down the movement to assure the barrels are meeting the minimum fill requirement.

Hope this is of some help. Don't overthink it.


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