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CAM350 editing function

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CAM350 editing function | 5 September, 2013

CAM350 editing function for the layer including add/delete, modify the Settings of the order of each layer, layer of the state and parameters and layer combination, etc. 1. Add layer: there are two ways to increase the layer. Using a menu item Edit - > the Layers - > Add the Layers, or click the shortcut icon on the left toolbar, enter in the wake of a "Number of new the Layers" need to increase the Number of Layers. 2. Delete the layer: Edit - > the Layers - > Remove the Layers, and choose to delete the layer. 3. Change the layer order: sometimes in order to convenient to look in a certain order of each layer, can through the menu item Edit - > the Layers - > the Reorder the Layers to achieve the function to change the order of the Layers. Adjust order first selected to adjust the layer of the order, and then move the mouse to ideal insertion point, finally press Renumber sort. Layer 4. Set up the state and parameters: view, change the Layers of information can press the hotkey "Y", or using menu item Tables - > the Layers, the type of information including the name of the layer, layer, Flash/Draw color, layer state (On/Off/Ref), whether the current activated layer, whether a layer On the front. 5. The combination of the layer: looking at Gerber often need to open at the same time watching a certain layer, then use a hotkey suddenly opened a couple of layer will show is very convenient. "Layer combination function" in CAM350 can well do have a purpose will layers and use a hotkey for a set of simple could open at the same time this group all the layers. There are four different layers in CAM350 portfolio selection are: User/Layer Stackup/Blind and Buried/MCM Technology. Among them, the User for the general User defined type; Layer Stackup is in the process of the idea of using a combination of the Layer of Settings: Blind and Buried is used with Netlist generation; MCM Technology is designed for MCM Technology base board Gerber file. Layer combination function of the four forms can be through the Tables - > Layer Sets under the menu of choices.

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