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MPM AP/A Screnn Printer - Dispense Pinch Disable

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MPM AP/A Screnn Printer - Dispense Pinch Disable | 26 August, 2013

Help! I have a MPM AP/A screen printer that when the unit goes through "Reset" at the end of "Reset" it turns on the "Dispense Pinch" and it allows a valve to open and it whistles so loud you can hear it all over the shop. Is there a way to disable this function, or is there a plug that can be installed in this valve to keep it from whistling? Thanks!

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MPM AP/A Screnn Printer - Dispense Pinch Disable | 2 September, 2013

Mr Duckmann2000. Where is the leak??? Is it up on the dispenser behind the printhead? If so the simpliest thing to do, assuming you are not using the dispenser, is to cut the incoiming air tubing to the dispense pinch, fold it over and ty-wrap it. Make sure you secure the tubing to something else so it doesn't flap around. If the air leak is at the solenoid manifold in the back of the machine it can be a little more interesting. Once the machine software is booted and your machine becomes a screaming banshee there should be a radio button on the bottom of the main screen for "dispense paste" if configured. Have the operator cycle the button on and off while you monitor the solenoids in the back. If you can't do this from the main screen, log in at a user level that will let you access the "input/output" screen from the "maintenance" pull down menu and click the dispense button. Most of the solenoids MPM used had an LED. Watch for the appropiate solenoid to change state. To disable it you may be able to disconnect the input toggle signal at the solenoid, or remove the output air tubing and stick a plug in the manifold output. If you don't have a plug make one with some tubing folded over and ty-wrapped. If it happens to be a leak in the manifold, you will have to seperate out the segments one by one to determine the leak point, with the air off of course. Good luck and good hunting!

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