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Tescon Point 501 Software

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Tescon Point 501 Software | 15 August, 2013


Does anyone know where I can get programming software for this old machine? It uses some kind of binary file system that I cant seen to figure out. Currently to create a program, I am having to type all individual locations one by one on the machine. Not only is this a great way to create a problem, but it is very time consuming. If any one out there has an offline programming solution that I could try, I would be very grateful Thanks!

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Tescon Point 501 Software | 18 August, 2013

I have never heard of this machine, but I am always up for a reverse engineering file format decode problem.

My website has my program PCBSynergy on it. If you send me a copy of the format and the files you used to generate it I will certainly try to figure it out. I can be contacted at the address on the page.

regards sarason

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Tescon Point 501 Software | 20 August, 2013


If you have some information and sample files about this SMT machine, you can contact me directly and send me this information, and we will check for solution.

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