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Amistar / Tenryu MT5800VL

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Amistar / Tenryu MT5800VL | 9 August, 2013

I am looking for anything about the Amistar / Tenryu MT5800VL. Manuals, schematics, add-ons, software or even contact information about people who might have something.


*** Update 22.08.2013 I got the maintenance manual, parts list for the mounter and parts list for some feeders. I scanned them and they are available as pdf now. I am still looking for the instruction / users manual, software and feeders. I am willing to pay for copies / shipping of course.

*** Update 10.09.2013 Bought instruction manual from Amistar Automation for $150, somewhat expensive... I am waiting for more quotes on feeders, I guess you can still get them. Replaced the old scsi hard drive of the vision system with a scsi-cf adapter, works great. Image is version NV113. Made backup of the flash memory card that holds the application software, in my case NM205. Does anybody have an updated versions? Problem: when I select communication, it comes up with 'protect is valid'. Is there a way to enable this or is there a way to get to the set option screen? Or do I have to mess with the option rom which is a serial eeprom chip (93C46, backed up also)?

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Amistar / Tenryu MT5800VL | 19 August, 2013

I would be happy to reverse engineer your file format for the Amistar / Tenryu MT5800VL. I am always up for a reverse engineering file format decode challenge.

My website has my program PCBSynergy on it. If you send me a copy of the format and the files you used to generate it I will certainly try to figure it out. I can be contacted at the address on the page.

I tried to contact you by email but it bounced. So you may need to attend to your server!

regards sarason

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Amistar / Tenryu MT5800VL | 21 August, 2013


We have software solution (called QPlan) for I-Pulse (Tenryu) SMT machines: 1. It helps you to merge all needed information including verification of imported information. 2. It simulates and fixes deviations and angles, and generates report, chart and dynamic PCB view for possible failures on SMT process. 3. It generates a fixed result to SMT Machine file that easily can be imported and used by your machine.

If you want more information, you can read about it on our website: Also, you can contact me through email:

Best Regards, Alexei

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