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SPM problem

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SPM problem | 29 July, 2013

Hi SMTnet Members

I have a problem with SPM machine when I click the SPM.exe i have a MSG error below

"A unexpected error has occurred Windows has run out of resources-20601"

best regard

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SPM problem | 8 January, 2014

Hi I have the same problem. Did you found the cuase of the problem? Best regards Silvio

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SPM problem | 8 January, 2014

2 things can cause this

1. Go in and empty the temp folder on the C drive 2. Check and see of the lights are on on your alignment cameras. If they aren't there is an issue with the 24V power supply.

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SPM problem | 9 January, 2014

Normally this type of problem is with Windows try to run a diagnostic to the hard drive, probably is full, you can use CCleaner to help you with deleting the tmp file and all other stuff that you may not need.


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