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Solder paste storage

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Solder paste storage | 28 July, 2013

Could you please help me identify suppliers of Refrigerators to store cartridges of solder paste which insure Fifo management?

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Solder paste storage | 28 July, 2013

Could it be anything like just a normal domestic refrigerator, But the question should be what is the temperature?

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Solder paste storage | 29 July, 2013

The temperature should be <10°.The issue is, that we couldn't insure Fifo management of solder paste (Locking system inside the refrigerator , it could be like automatic dispenser)with normal domestic refrigerator. Any suggestions?

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Solder paste storage | 30 July, 2013

You can try by designing your own fixture to ensure the FiFo, but it will always depend on the operator to fill it in the righ order, I used to have a fixture like the one in the image, but it was installed next to the machine, not inside the fridge... just an idea...



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Solder paste storage | 2 August, 2013

Thanks, it could be a good feature to implement inside the refrigerator. Have you any idea about suppliers of customized refrigetor?

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Solder paste storage | 14 August, 2013

We just designate shelves with signs, PULL HERE, Move UP NEXT, MOVE UP 2nd, MOVE UP 3rd,

We also keep paste in the incoming case, if it has one until its time to open it.

Our operators are the ones who stock it and as long as they know they own that fridge and its contents, they do a good job of handling it. That may not always work in all locations.

I know on occasion a jar is not pulled FIFO but as long as 90% of the time it is, there aren’t any issues, and our paste is good refrigerated for a long time.

Walmart has a Danby 11.0-cu ft Refrigerator that is just refrigerator, its nice as it has a lot of shelves and no freezer.

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