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solder joint problem

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solder joint problem | 26 July, 2013

We had a solder joint problem in gold plated PLCC68 ic. We do double sided reflow process with Cookson OL107F paste. First we do top with paste and second with glue process.The solder joint shape and wetting looked normal.In the process of testing board the function of board does not work. but sometimes in case of resoldering PLCC68 by hand the board works. Apparently the appearance of solder joint is good by eyes and magnification tool. Why does this phenomenon happen? I cant find proper answers. If there is email me.

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solder joint problem | 26 July, 2013

If there is a way to pre-tin the parts, that might help in forming better joint with gold.

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solder joint problem | 29 July, 2013

Thanks for support. Is it any special process of pre-tinng? Regards, Anil wagh.

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