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Groundhog day ~ vortex

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Groundhog day ~ vortex | 16 July, 2013

I seem to of slipped into a mighty giant suction cup, and every day is the same.

Now take yesterday as I was making a sample the start of run board, we have run many times. it got halfway placing diffused LED's 3216 (about 1207 size) then is stopped, it would pick up the LED move across to the panel, about to place it, then drop it in the bin. So I cleaned the pick up laser sensors. and it worked again until about the third panel. same problem, same amount of LED's placed. wired (just like how the movie went) I think "I can not believe it is a laser problem", it came up with good minimum & average figures well over the pass figure, so I think since the middle pick up is used, I will move it to the very end, thinking it might change the pick up, I was wrong thinking, but it work perfectly for the rest of the run.

As for the day before, Please - Dont ask, it was a far worse. By the way. I tried before it get the machine to use different pick ups but while one could program it in, the machine goes back to how it wants. Some time it goes to the left picks up a part with the right pick up then move over to the right and pick up a part with the left pick up. So now I stop wasting time and leave it alone.

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