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Selective Solder Clinched Components

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Selective Solder Clinched Components | 4 July, 2013

Hello, Hoping for some recommendations for how its best to selective solder clinched PTH components.. We are using Ersa equipment. Problem we are having is some of the leads are holiding `blobs` of solder on their leads. Have tried single dot soldering and running line across them. Any ideas?


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Selective Solder Clinched Components | 8 July, 2013

As with any issue like this, your miileage may vary with suggestions....but, here are the items I would consider:

1. Clinch tightness. I believe IPC gives a recommendation on the amount of bend in a clinched lead; make sure you're not beyond that.

2. Flux application. Ensure sufficient flux is being applied to the joint, and that any shadowed area is covered (if possible).

3. I'm not super conversant on selective soldering/Ersa machines, but, if I were waving this and had this issue, I'd consider pre-heat times (might be a plane that the PTH is connected to), and dwell time on the solder wave (to ensure enough time is allwed to form a correct joint, and flow through the PTH).

Cheers, ..rob

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Selective Solder Clinched Components | 8 July, 2013

There are a lot of things that you need to look at to figure this out. What type of flux are you using? Is this leaded or lead free? Do you have the gradient of the nozzle setup properly? Are these locations tied to plains?

With that being said are you sure you are close enough to the board with the solder nozzle. Also what settings are you using for the wave pull off?

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Selective Solder Clinched Components | 26 July, 2013

I agree with both previous statements. You may have already sorted this one out, but regardless of whether you are running leaded or lead free, the first things I would look at is sufficient flux and sufficient heat/dwell time. It sounds like you aren't giving enough dwell time for the solder to wick up the lead - especially if you have an internal ground plane or a thick trace associated with the particular lead.

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