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Nadcap certification

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Nadcap certification | 20 June, 2013


Has anyone gone through the audit/certification process for Nadcap AC7120? It is an audit on circuit card assemblies.

We are set to go through the audit in July and I would like some information on how thorough the audit was for you.

Any information is appreciated.


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Nadcap certification | 21 June, 2013

It is an audit of every assembly process. Think of how ISO 9001 or 13485(for Medical Devices) might go through your Quality system, documentation, training records, etc. and apply that scenario to your actual processes and documentation of the same. Thorough is an understatement. There are many Aerospace customers that require that your house is NADCAP certified. Best of luck!

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Nadcap certification | 21 June, 2013

Thanks Hegemon. I am pretty familiar with what they will be auditing and we are ISO 9001 certified, so I am familiar with that as well, but I was hoping to hear from someone on how thorough we can expect the auditor to be for the Nadcap from experience. It looks like it is going to put the ISO audit to shame as far as them digging into details and I wanted verification on if that is really case. Have you gone through a Nadcap audit?

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Nadcap certification | 24 June, 2013

We have not completed this Cert. But the last time the requirement came up, investigation and simple math told us that the cost up front, plus maintenance of the Cert was far more than the revenue the job would have brought us, with only one Customer and one assembly requiring it. We still may have to do this at some point, but for now, having the "sheepskin" would just be an expensive framed picture on the wall. No value added, you could say. For us. 'hege

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