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Quad 4C reject PCB stickers

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Quad 4C reject PCB stickers | 14 June, 2013

Hi all.

I used a 5/16" white paper sticker to mark a reject PCB in a panel of 10. One of my my Quad 4Cs sees it O.K. and marks the PCBs reject. The other machine either shows them all reject or shows the marked one as good and the other 9 as rejects. I tried the sticker in different places on the reject but the result was always the same.

Does anybody have any ideas why this may be so please ?

Kind regards. Rollon65

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Quad 4C reject PCB stickers | 17 June, 2013

Did you teach the reject mark? Sounds like a lighting issue when looking for the white sticker. You can also skip images by pressing control-repeat after the machine has found fiducials.

Good luck

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Quad 4C reject PCB stickers | 19 June, 2013

Hi Bobpan

Thanks for the reply. I taught the reject mark but there appears to be no way to adjust the lighting for this purpose like there is in the fiducial teach screen. I have never accepted PCBs with X-outs before but agreed with my supplier to try it as they made 40 panels of 10 or so with a dud in each due to a scratch on the artwork. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

Kind regards Rollon65

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Quad 4C reject PCB stickers | 19 June, 2013

Hello Rollon, There needs to be a contrast between the sticker and board. The manual gives and example of a round red sticker. If you still cant still make this work.....Do the following. Run the machine and after it finds fiducials press stop on the handheld. Then press control repeat. It will say skip image....enter in the number of the image or images you want to skip....then press run on the handheld. You will have to do this for every board that has bad images on it.

Good Luck

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Quad 4C reject PCB stickers | 21 June, 2013

Hi Bobpan.

Thanks for the reply. I had already tried red stickers as suggested in the manual, then blue then silver but none of those worked so white was my last resort. I'm running 3 machines in tandem and they all start at the same time so stopping them all at the right time could be interesting !

Looks like I'm left with the option of just running the 8 lefthand boards and writing faulty boards 1 and good boards 2 out of the program or rejecting all the panels and sending them back to my supplier for replacement. Bet they won't like that.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards. Rollon65

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