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Trouble with voids in PTH

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Trouble with voids in PTH | 12 June, 2013

Hello guys !

I am here again with a problem, right now we have a problem with a new product, the problems are with voids with the PTH we put a receptacle with terminal blades that are 1.3mm width in a pth with a diameter of 1.5mm we use a pallet to align the receptacles at 90 degree angle, now when we put it to the solder wave and take the product to Xrays we see that the pth is no completely full and see like a big hole in the middle of the pth, do you think we should change the width of the terminal blade to a 1.5mm ? or there are other issues that I need to evaluate? we use for flux NC270WR and SN100C from AIM.


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