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Unloader YM12UL

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Unloader YM12UL | 12 June, 2013

We are using Unloader - Model: YM 12UL - Type: A90502-1-1 - S/N: 2C5820

Due to long power off the machine, the battery is run out of power. So the program stored in RAM of NAIS MICRO CONTROL UNIT FP-M C32T (AF12342) is erased. Originally, The machine is not supplied with a EPROM so we do not have program to upload to the RAM.

If you have a program, please send me by email.

Thank you so much

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KTftBvHkdeJRfJMyC | 20 June, 2013

Very good. Allthough, I think it's much easier to check user and pass at the same time:SELECT * FROM users where uamnrsee='$username' AND password = $pass'Plus it's more secure because you don't let hackers now that the uamnrsee exisits you just display uamnrsee and/or password doesn't exist I don't understand the while in conjunction with mysql_fetch_assoc, doesn't work the same without the while?

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