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MPM HiE passwords

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MPM HiE passwords | 29 May, 2013

I'm trying to get into the Calibration section of the machine and don't know the password. I'm would believe it's still the Default password since the maintenance mode is still the Default password "SVC".

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MPM HiE passwords | 30 May, 2013

I had the same issue since we bought a used MPM and the previous owner didn't include the passwords. I emailed MPM and here's the way to recover passwords.

To recover lost passwords:

Plug in a keyboard, and power up the machine.

Press the "ESC" key. This will bring up the DOS screen.

Navigate to the AP directory. Use the command "CD.." to navigate to a higher directory and "CD AP" to navigate down to the AP directory from the C:> directory.

Once at C:AP> type in "type password.bin" this will display what the current passwords are set to. If that doesn't work try using that command at the C:> directory.

Write down what the passwords are currently set to, DO NOT attempt to change the passwords from within DOS, damage to the system files may occur.

Restart the machine, Login as Supervisor and change the passwords as desired.

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MPM HiE passwords | 1 June, 2013

Z.Runkle, Gnus is absolutely correct in telling us how to find out the old passwords through DOS. However you asked for the "Calibration" mode password which is a default password and cannot be changed.

This password was never given out readily because of the potential safety issues for the operator and the machine. Going to "calibrate" mode can give you access to move the machine without a "reset". This also means you can damage your machine if you don't know what you are doing or don't pay attention when you are moving an axis.

I am sure ther are many people out there that could tell you this password, but I don't feel comfortable posting it. If you look up my Service company "PRIME TECH Services LLC" on this site, you can get my number or email and contact me and I will give you the password and also explain how to use it so you don't damage the damage the machine.

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