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US source for Kirsten wave oil / ADL

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US source for Kirsten wave oil / ADL | 23 May, 2013

I'm going to be acquiring an older Kirsten Jet machine in the near future, but am having a bit of trouble locating a source for appropriate wave oil / ADL via a domestic US source.

Their current recommendation is a product from Strub in Switzerland, called ADL-1. I cannot find a US reseller of Strub products, and they have not responded to my inquiries.

BECE also makes their 107HT, which again would be perfect, but they have no US distribution and shipping 5 gallons via air freight.... It would be cheaper to deal with the dross.

I've also found a few companies in various parts of Asia, but again no US sellers and the information is insufficient on the product.

Is there something else I may be missing as a usable product?


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US source for Kirsten wave oil / ADL | 24 May, 2013

Wave Soldering Oil * Qualitek International 2020 Wave Oil * Hi Grade (H.K.) Ltd. #9300 water soluble wave-oil * Solder Connection Wave Oil * Hybrid Metals Pvt. Ltd. 135 Wave Oil * Pcatt Pte Ltd Soldering Oil for Molten Solder AO9450 AND AO9460 * Chemtools Wave Solder Oil * Interflux® IF 910 de-oxidation oil

BR, davef

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US source for Kirsten wave oil / ADL | 25 May, 2013

The qualitek will probably work, but the change interval according to the manufacturer is in the range of 40hrs, where the recommended oils by Kirsten is 1000+ hours. That's a lot of waste oil, and at $50+ per gallon will add up fast.

Interflux 910 is not suitable for the task.

The rest are all located in places like Bangalore and Hong Kong, and documentation is incomplete regarding suitability.

The good news is that I FINALLY got in contact with somebody from Strub. They don't have any US suppliers, but can ship to me direct, and the price is decent too.


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