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Problem with a MPM HiE

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Problem with a MPM HiE | 23 May, 2013

After I write a new program the machine started doing what I would call a double board stop check on the board the first is like 12" from the front end of the machine and the other is in the middle where it should be. Only problem is once the first stop is made the program runs very slow to get to the second one. Usually times out before it gets there. An clues on what is going and how to fix this? Also all historical program work and run fine.

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Problem with a MPM HiE | 23 May, 2013

Sounds like you have detent option enabled. Check to make sure that your board X and Y dimensions are correct.

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Problem with a MPM HiE | 23 May, 2013

X and Y are correct. How do I disable the detent if its on by mistake? Also do you have MPM and if so do know of a service Tech?

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Problem with a MPM HiE | 1 June, 2013

Delete the program and start over. I can't get a clear understanding the way you described the error, but it does sound like you have some kind of detent issue or a board stop programming issue. Depending on the configuration of your machine and the version of machine software (click on the MPM logo on the bottom left of the screen) the board stops could be taught in several ways. In the older systems with the board stop sensor in the worknest the position is fixed and you use detent to center or offset the PCB for course stencil alignment. In the newer systems the board stop sensor is mounted in the vision probe (black camera box)so you can program when the probe goes to stop the PCB's to avoid cutoffs and routing.

There could be other things at play, like pinched transport belts or board stop position calibration (if mounted in the camera box)

If you are looking for a service tech like you asked,this is my speciality. I worked for Speedline for a long time and know all the printer models very well. If your interested in my services you can look up my company on this site "PRIME TECH Services LLC"

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