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Arc net down on Juki

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Arc net down on Juki | 22 May, 2013

As the subject says, the trouble started when the computer (Windows 98) drove me nuts starting up in the morning.

The Engineer comes along NEVER ASK ME ANYTHING, and thinks the network should have some network protocol (Example equivalent to TCP/IP, whatever)

I HAVE READ THE MANUAL, nowhere in the manual does the manual ever say anything about any type of network protocol , the most the manual talks about is taking over the IRQ #5 line from the sound card.

While the computer began to be introduced to some alien protocol it asked for a file now he tells the boss I deleted the file off the computer.

I must say personally I have had computer running on 286 – DOS, then later second hand 486 computer with windows 95 (WITH 4 MEG OF RAM ARGH!!!!!!!!!!) & later windows 98 for the past 15 years, I have done lots of computer upgrades & run into a few problems on the way (MY COMPUTERS HAVE NEVER BEEN NEAR A COMPUTER REPAIR SHOP, or I have never expected a friend to fix it. (at least until work need a urgent 486, and they are still using it)

Just before I told the boss about the Arc net been down, I had a look in the control panel, and found the Ark net drivers had a disincentive Microsoft “yellow” dot logo to it, like the network drivers are wrong or maybe the network card is faulty.

In the mean time I have had to take the *.G31 , *.G32, *.G33 files and change them to all *.G3C files and load them onto the machine via the 3.5” floppy, via three folders on the floppy named “1st” “2nd” “3rd”

From Eric

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