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Batch Washer

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Batch Washer | 15 May, 2013

We've recently acquired a Rayco Aqua Blaster 1250 from an equipment auction. As with a lot of used equipment, it did not come with a manual or documentation.

I've finally got a DI system hooked up, and am working on getting the washer going. But, there's a small snag. Hoping there's someone on here who has used this washer, or has access to the documentation. I've been Googling my fingers off, and can't find much out there.

When the system is started, the intake pump runs, and fills the tank. It seems as though the tank fills per normal, as the system switches to the next phase, which is rinse. I'm guessing in this rinse phase, water should run into the chamber. Unfortunately, as soon as the system switches to this phase, a "low temp" light clicks on, and nothing seems to happen after that.

I'm wondering: a. Does the system have a setting for the temp of the water (apparently, it must since the light coming on seems to bring an end to the cycle), and can I set this temp to a lower threshold?

b. Does the system have a heater, and is it, potentially, attempting to heat the water in the tank before running the next phase of the cycle?

There's a manual advance switch, and I was hoping it would get me past this part of the cycle, but, it looks like it switches the machine into the next phase. The cycle looks like this:

Pre-Wash -fill -rinse -drain Wash -fill -rinse -drain Rinse -fill -rinse -drain

I can hear something humming while the unit is sitting in the "low temp" mode, which leads me to continue to hope that there's a heater cranking in there; but, I've had it sitting in the same state for about 1/2 hour at this point. I'm thinking the tank is around 5-10 gallons (max), so, I'd expect that the water would have heated up sufficiently by now (never mind the fact that it's coming out of the water heater at around 155* or so).

Thanks! ..rob

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