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Dip Flux or Solder Paste?

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Dip Flux or Solder Paste? | 11 May, 2013

Hello Again...SMTNET....are there rules to determine which small BGA devices are Dip Fluxed or Solder pasted? What drives the decision? Obviously the device's pitch has a large bearing on this decision. Any and all comments or experiences would be very beneficial....Thank you very much...ANVIL

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Dip Flux or Solder Paste? | 13 May, 2013

From what I have read about the topic, recommendation is to use flux for fine pitch BGAs. Printing is difficult because of the small pads. HEre is the moment where you have to make your calculations.

Do you have enough assemblies that will use the fluxer? For my Pick and Place the fluxer is actually a special feeder and it is 15K USD. We don't have enough assemblies to make this purchase reasonable and that's why I keep cutting stencils. However, for one job we had to cut3 Nickel stencils before we get it to work properly.If you have to cut 20 stencils(Ni or e-formed) this year you should probably think going for flux.

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