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Dropped Parts

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Dropped Parts | 7 May, 2013

I'm trying to minimize the loss of parts due to dropped parts. Part of the problem might be I'm filling in until we replace the SMT supervisor/manager. Some dopped parts are expected and are so inexpensive it's not worth fussing over. Sometimes I feel attention should be placed on why the parts are being dropped and how to rememdy it. Operators don't admit dropping parts as they rather run the job and have great run times. In general, we have good operators. Any suggestions on monitoring dropped parts to minimize loss? Current instructions are to continually check for dropped parts and re-use them on the fly rather than waiting until the job is done and having a "bunch" of parts to sort.

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Dropped Parts | 7 May, 2013


if you mean that you equipment rejects parts, you should be able to see all the rejects on your machines(most of them have integrated software to do that) and take corrective action when rejects start to appear. If you mean that your operators manually drop the parts during handling that's a different story and only you can decide what to do to prevent it.

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Dropped Parts | 7 May, 2013

These are dropped/mis-placed by the machines. We have older Quad QSP-2's. My concern is it's easy for the operators to overlook the dropped parts, keep running the job and when they're done, throw away parts (inexpensive resistors aren't such an issue) or put the IC's in a "tub of parts". Over time the tub of parts has grown - partly my fault for not paying attention to the inventory and allowing this to happen.

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