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Fifo of solder paste

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Fifo of solder paste | 5 May, 2013


I'm looking for a mechanical system for fifo management of solder paste in warehouse in order to eliminate human errors while putting solder paste jars in fridges.

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Fifo of solder paste | 5 May, 2013

Here’s a Tweet that I made here [ ] … Hisco’s computer controlled frig for managing solder paste inventory … way more sophisticated than that old white frig. Davef

I receive no benefit from posting the reference to the above company.

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Keith Cathcart


Fifo of solder paste | 14 May, 2013

I've seen a couple of customers create a jar dispenser similar to the ones you can buy for beverage cans. See this link for the examples used for beverage cans

Hope this helps.

Keith Cathcart

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Fifo of solder paste | 21 May, 2013

Thank you for your suggestions, Is there any industrial supplier for solder paste dispensers?

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