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DEK265 GSX | 18 April, 2013

Hello, Does anyone know how to fix the following problem on a DEK265GSX?

Motor comms failure card1 AX123 Fatal error re-initialize machine.

Appreciate your help!


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DEK265 GSX | 19 April, 2013

Sounds like you need to run the MINT program. Boot the machine into MSDOS mode change directory to mint and type load. Let the machine auto detect the cards and re download the software to all cards.

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DEK265 GSX | 19 April, 2013

Thank you. I will follow that process.

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DEK265 GSX | 23 April, 2013

If that doesn't work don't know if your are in the US but if you are there's a guy that has a company call dekhead (yes thats the name of the company) he has a lot of experience with DEK machines He has help me a lot when some problems came up with our machine

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DEK265 GSX | 24 April, 2013

Do you still have this issue this guy is ok you need to run the MMINT, if you continue having this problem i can offer the service of repair it we were trained from DEK we used to work for de feel free to contact me for parts or support

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