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FUJI CP3 PROBLEM | 11 April, 2013

Hello. I am having a problem with a CP3 machine. This machine decides every so often to kill 24v power to its self. At first I thought it was a bad 24V power supply, but I swapped it out and it still decides to occasionally kill its self. I also replaced the CPU card because when this problem happens, the red HALT LED lights up. All power supplies check out fine and all cards have been seated properly in the VME rack. Has anyone ever experienced this kind of a problem on this old beast? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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FUJI CP3 PROBLEM | 13 April, 2013

Most likely battery back up card, might be 1931, 1932,ect. It thinks there is a power failure

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FUJI CP3 PROBLEM | 15 April, 2013

So I swapped the memory card out and it seems to be a bit better. It doesn't kill the 24v power quite as much anymore. Thanks for the tip. I will monitor this throughout the week.

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FUJI CP3 PROBLEM | 11 December, 2013

Sounds like you solved your problem, If you are looking for more CP-3's I have 5 working machines that we are about to scrap. Email me if interested at

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