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Answer to a invisible thread (gone away?)

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Answer to a invisible thread (gone away?) | 28 March, 2013

I have my cell phone wired up for "RSS feeds". Yesterday at work, I saw on my cell phone someone ask "KE750 & KE760 cannot recognation part standing" (spelling mistake uncorrected) I am not sure if this answer is correct as I can not find the thread on my home computer ~ last night and again today, and can not see the diagram on my cell phone even thou it does show reduced pictures, but here is is nothing, The problem seems to be with LED's pick & place.

At work we use two different type LED, when we measure diffused it measures as -0.5 mm we have to increase the height to -0.75, If we do not correct the height it will pick up the LED go threw the motions to try and place it then dump the LED in the trash bin. The Dome LED is the same it measures height as -1 we have to adjust to -2

BUT here is something just as strange as soon as I started the subject for this thread the "feeds" said it was 4 hours old, so now I have finished the message my calculation this thread must be 2 weeks old at least.

If that does not answer the problem always remember "A tidy workshop is a happy workshop"

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