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TRA-CON (Henkel) TRA-BOND 226F01

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TRA-CON (Henkel) TRA-BOND 226F01 | 25 March, 2013

I need to find the pack rats out there!!!

We have been notified by a supplier of a potted component, that the potting material (TRA-BOND 226F01) is out of production and no longer available. The material was originally made by TRA-CON who was then bought by Henkel.

I have approached Henkel to get a TDS for the material and they have almost nothing available.

I need to provide feedback to our supplier and customer regarding the material substitution/change, but only have half the picture.

This is where you all come in. Does anyone out there have an old TRA-CON catalog that could scan the TDS for TRA-BOND 226F01 and get it to me. This is a critical application, and I would like to keep product moving out the door.

Your assistance is greatly apprecaited.

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TRA-CON (Henkel) TRA-BOND 226F01 | 5 April, 2013

You might look at looking for substitue from Epotek (epoxy technology) they have many products that might be suitable , incase you get stuck - they great guys....

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