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Component placement

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Component placement | 23 March, 2013

I have a question on component placement 1)for solder paste ,do we need to press the component into solder paste during placement process? 2)how we define force for Smt component..sometimes we add force for certain BGA?any guideline? Pls advise

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Component placement | 11 April, 2013

1) I think maybe not, however having said that, our conveyor does not work between the final placement machine and the oven, in the early days before I became a "experienced" operator in pulling the board out of machine running it along the track to poke into the oven it fall off the track and landed on the floor upside down NOT ONE COMPONENT came off the board, this was back in the days when leaded paste was used.

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Component placement | 17 April, 2013

I currently run Siemens and they have their own recommendations about placement force. Most of the passive parts will be placed using 2N. For some BGA'a we will go about 4N and for certain parts that are very easy to break you should go 1N. All parts will need to contact the paste as this is a part of the process - we rely on the forces holding the part in place.

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