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"New Fraud" Danny Hui

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"New Fraud" Danny Hui | 28 February, 2013

If you know a dealer Danny Hui from singapore, don't do busienss with him any longer. He took a lot of money from several people and ran away. You can also find his article here.. His company name VR Resources and V&R... Now Singapore police is chasing him. He is terribly bad guy.

Casey Park

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Fraud | 18 March, 2013

Dear all,

This is Danny Hui. Here is an issue which I want to clarify. 1. I did not run away with the money as I am still here. 2. I am still using my same mobile number, email address and etc. 3. I do own CP Company US$38,000.00 which I told him that I am making a way to repay him. (I was cheated by my friend cum runner in China. This is then a real cheater which cannot be found and contacted) 4. I am also working up very hard to make the repayment to those that I am owning.

I believed everyone met cases of cheating in their business as well.

Give me time to prove it.

Thank you. Regards Danny Hui

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Fraud | 18 March, 2013

Dear All,

As I described about Danny Hui in my previous column, he took lots of money from others and ran away. He says that he does not run away because his mobile phone and the email are the same. Even though his email and phone is still available, he does not answer the phone and does not reply email. He did not own my money only but also took lots of money from many people.

Being fraud is simple. Take money for something but does not give anything without any reason. This is Fraud.

I will not let you put your foot into this business any longer.

If you are sure that you are not fraud, keep your words that you will sell your house and pay my money back by this month.

Casey Park.

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Fraud | 1 April, 2013

Hello everyone.

I already know many people are cheated by Danny hui of Singapore fraud.

If anyone lost money by him, please contact me by email. I am going to gather all information and fly to Singapore this month and visit Singapore goverment (foreign affair).

Everyone must be moving fast in order to prevent other people from being cheated by this bad guy.

For more details, please contact me by email. I will inform you what you have to prepare.

Caesy Park

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Fraud | 30 April, 2013

Fraud, Danny

Finally you shut down your phone and ran away because I am flying to Singapore. I will find you and put you in prision. You shall not put your feet in this business anymore. I will watch you wherever you go and stop you doing fraud!

Everyone here. As I said before in this column, please do not do any business or talk with him. He is nothing but a fraud.

If you have question about him, please contact me. I will let you know in detail what he has done to people.

Casey Park C.P Company

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