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Vectorguard frame failure.

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Vectorguard frame failure. | 18 February, 2013

We have some Vectorguard stencils and frames. I am having issues with one of the frames. And need a little guidance. A stencil is on the frame, and we can't get it off, the operator heard a pop while putting the stencil on the frame, now we hear air while trying to remove it. I have repaired this frame in the past, replacing one of the inner hoses, but cannot repeat the magic. I know I need to isolate on which side the air leak is...can't tell as it sounds as if its coming from a corner or two. Main thing is getting the stencil off without damage. Any ideas would be most appreciated.

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Vectorguard frame failure. | 19 February, 2013

I'm not sure of the timeframe with which you have to work, but I'd consider sending the frame and mounted stencil back to DEK for repair. I'm not a huge fan of these systems, because I believe consistancy in the process is critical, and these systems leave too much up to the operator's own judgement and interpretation. (I, training, training!) I understand their role, and appreciate the space saving that they can offer in stencil storage, but this solution is just not for me and my processes. (Then again, I have the luxery of working for an OEM and currently only have to worry about storage of about ten stencils)

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Vectorguard frame failure. | 19 February, 2013

Push the pedal and help yourself with a screwdriver to take the stencil out. Once you do that you can see clearly which side is not opening and closing. Than you just fix that side. Your instructions on how to do that should be with your spare hoses.

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Vectorguard frame failure. | 19 February, 2013

I appreciate the help, I tried a small amount of force, but I didn't want to trash the stencil, I got hold of the where we purchased it and they are going to repair, if they trash the stencil they will cut us a new one.

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Vectorguard frame failure. | 7 March, 2013

Hi Chris,

Get the stencil repair kit from DEK. P/N: 430886. It comes with tools and isntructions how to remove the stencil from frame.



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