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MPM Accuflex Squeegee Error

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MPM Accuflex Squeegee Error | 14 February, 2013

I'm trying to get an '07 Accuflex into production and I seem to have a small problem. When trying to calibrate the zero pressure point on the squeegees I drive them down until they are touching the stencil and once they touch the stencil they run out of range before any pressure can be applied. It seems like they are running out of range both mechanically and software wise.

I can setup the squeegee zero pressure but when I try to print with any pressure greater than a pound it errors out with an "Out Of Range" error.

Does anyone know of any adjustments that can be made? I've tried moving the home sensor for the squeegees but I honestly don't know if it has made a difference. I'm sort of banging my head against the wall on this.


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MPM Accuflex Squeegee Error | 29 March, 2013

Worked on these for many years as a Speedline FSE, now doing my own thing. You could have motion or alignment issues in the printhead. The setting in the INI could be wrong, but unlikely. Or are you just using the wrong squeegees. Without a stencil and power off mount your squeegees, remove the top cover of the print head and use the belts to lower the squeegees all the way down mechanically. Then take a stencil slide it into the machine and make sure the edge of the squeegees and lower then the bottom of the stencil.

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MPM Accuflex Squeegee Error | 1 April, 2013

Thanks for the reply, this is something that I am actually still fighting. I've been working with MPM directly since we ended up getting a service agreement, but I'm honestly not much closer to figuring it out today then I was when I first posted this thread.

I did end up tearing the whole print head apart and finding that the spring for both squeegee assembly had completely bit the dust, so I replaced both springs and the bearings that the lead screws ride on, but that doesn't seem to have made a difference.

It's really weird, the squeegee assembly actually runs out of room (the bottom of the squeegee carriage actually hits the print head casting) before the squeegee can apply any pressure. I've done different measurements between our good machine and this machine and can't seem to find a difference.

For now I've got the machine in production by putting some washers in between the squeegee and the squeegee holder so it has that extra room to travel, but having to do it this way is a real bummer because it's forcing me to have to separate programs, one for each machine, since each machine has a different zero pressure point for the squeegees.

It's gotten to the point where I'm not sure that there's much that can be done without someone with much more knowledge than me coming out here to look at the machine in person.

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MPM Accuflex Squeegee Error | 1 April, 2013

Quite sure it is one of the follow things. Squeegees are not tall enough (using after market blades); Are you using a stencil adapter? bottom surface of the stencil must be even with the top of the stencil shelves; printhead assy. is modified, failed, or not put together properly; machine has been modified after leaving the OEM factory. If you need further help contact PRIME TECH!

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