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Placement Force

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Placement Force | 8 February, 2013

Anyone know the placement force value (in lbs, kg, or N) on your PnP equipment when placing QFN or Wafer Level CSP's? Is this a parameter you would program for an individual component that is determined to be sensitive / fragile or do you use the global setting on the PnP for all placements? Thanks.

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Placement Force | 8 February, 2013

We usually run QFNs with 2N placement force. However for some parts we will modify the placement to higher value to make sure they stick to the paste good.

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Placement Force | 8 February, 2013

Are you doing this to minimize solder paste splattering? Is this a value that you use for all QFN's (would the overall size of a QFN matter)? I was told reducing placement force with these components is recommended so just was wondering what is being done in the industry. Not sure specifically why but presume to reduce solder splattering which may cause bridging and reductions in part to board clearance.

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Placement Force | 20 February, 2013


in my case 2N is the minimal force I can use, so I will use it for most of the QFN we place.

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