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BGA rework station

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BGA rework station | 5 February, 2013

We are looking for a new BGA rework station. We got an ERSA IR550A and we are not very satisfied. I'm not sure that IR reflow is the better solution because the top-side heating is too large. I think is better with a convection "forced-air" heat.

I need a rework station with good board support, BGA placement, good bottom-side heating, great temperature accuracy (with a thermocouple), can make reflow profil "simulation", etc...

The budget : around 80K$

Any suggestion?

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BGA rework station | 5 February, 2013

Air Vac DRS25. Hands down the best rework EQ. (my humble opinion, based on my own experience with rework EQ going back 15 years +) Right in your budget. Complete capability for rework. SMD, BGA, POP. Full profiling capability. Massive bottom heating with forced air or nitrogen convection for the topside. Don't even hesitate if you have that budget $.

I receive no benefit, and have no affiliation with Air Vac. 'hege

And yes I am sure you will see many replies to this very open question...

Email me if you have any detail questions.

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BGA rework station | 6 February, 2013

We have been running both SRT and APR rework systems for many years in our business as a service provider of BGA rework (

The SRT is a true workhorse with good bottom side heating capabilities. If you get a unit with non-touch scavenging of the site that is the nice feature for high rel and suspect solder mask applications.

The APR is good for very tiny components as you can really dial down the air pressure.

The challenge of this technology are the nozzles which are expensive and are not made by any of the machine vendors. 2-3 weeks is the best one can hope for. We have our own source for this.

Hope this helps

(We do not sell any BGA rework equipment, but teach this topic


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BGA rework station | 6 February, 2013


Sorry, your website doesn't work :(.

When you talk about SRT machine, you talk about the SRT1100 from Summit?? Someone have worked with the new SRT Micra??

Thank you

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BGA rework station | 6 February, 2013

We have used a OK International APR-5000-XLS for the past 5 years, and have never had any issues with it. It works great on all types of BGA's and PCB's. There is sufficient heating topside and bottom, you can hook up thermocouples and fine tune your profile and it is well within your budget. Just something else you can check out.

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