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Stencil Cleaning

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Stencil Cleaning | 5 February, 2013

About a year and a half ago my company purchased an ultrasonic, automatic stencil cleaner that we,(I), am unhappy with. Without "naming names", I can say that this particular machine has some fabrication issues that prevent it from operating as intended. We've worked with the supplier, but I just feel it may be time to go in another direction. After doing some digging through the fine archives of SMTnet, I've seen some conversations regarding automatic and semi-automatic cleaners, as well as the pros and cons of ultrasonic cleaning. Can any of you upstanding young gentlemen, and ladies, if be the case, offer up any makes/models of stencil cleaners, both automatic and semi-automatic, that you are happy with?

I appreciate any and all responses!


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Stencil Cleaning | 5 February, 2013

We use a PPC N29-TP Ultrasonic cleaner that seems to work pretty well.

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Stencil Cleaning | 5 February, 2013

That's from PresSure Products, correct?

Thank you for your input!

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Stencil Cleaning | 5 February, 2013


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Stencil Cleaning | 7 February, 2013

We also use the PPC-N29TP in both of our facilities. We've had both for over 6 years. Both have had some issues ie: new touch screen and our other facility has had leaking issues, had to replace seal for tank. With that being said, overall happy with performance.

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