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Foil stencil storage rack

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Foil stencil storage rack | 5 February, 2013

I am looking for a nice storage rack for foil type stencils, not the frame type. Some thing compact yet easy to work with. Any directions/advice. Thanks in advance.

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Foil stencil storage rack | 5 February, 2013

We have a few Bliss racks. They were made for 29x29 frames but we use them for vectorgaurd and foil. DEK ships vectorgaurd stencils in a nice, thin cardboard box. We use these boxes for storing vectorgaurd + foils. You can store a handful of foils in these boxes (and 1 vectorgaurd of course); upright to save space - kind of like a rack of vinyl records at the pawn shop I guess you could say. You can flip and look through them just like records, too - labels on the front with part numbers. We also have heavy duty posterboard envelopes/sleeves we bought somewhere (sorry can't remember where). We put foils in these and store them verticle in Bliss racks. A hodge-podge of stuff but it works good for us.

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Foil stencil storage rack | 6 February, 2013

That is a good idea, I was able to find the big file folder before, I can't even find those now. I thought I saw one that had little sliders with hooks to hang the stencil from. Thanks for the info.

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