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ICT for a reed switch

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ICT for a reed switch | 4 February, 2013

Hello all!!!

I have a question, since we first started here we have bought a lot of ICT fixtures for our old Z1820 teradyne we are a company that work with a lot of reed switches, no the question is can a reed switch be tested in the ICT? I have no clue on what the machine will need to do that,or if the fixture programming can do that. can some put some light in this matter?

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ICT for a reed switch | 5 February, 2013

In order to test a reed switch on the Teradyne, you will need an electro-magnet mounted inside the fixture. It will need to be mounted directly under the reed. First perform the passive testing (TVSV or Cont), then the active test. Drive the coil with a DC voltage. Once active, you can do a TVSV test or Cont test, depending on what section you are testing the reed in.

Do you have a functional test fixture for this product? This would be the preferred method for testing the reed. You would test it in the same manner I have described above.

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ICT for a reed switch | 5 February, 2013

As a quick response, look here:

We receive no benefit from, have no investment in nor know any employees of the company listed above.

BR, davef

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ICT for a reed switch | 5 February, 2013

I believe this was provided mainly for informational purposes; however, you don't need all that. You just need a magnetic field. A simpler approach than what I have already mentioned is to simply have an operator message flash on the screen to apply a magnet to the reed switch. Your test step will have two pages. The first would measure the switch in the open state as well as display the message to apply the magnet, if pass, it goes to page 2. In page 2 you will have a SOF condition (Stop-On-Fail) measuring for a closed switch. Loop this test until either a closed switch is detected (application of the magnet) or the timeout occurs (10-15 seconds would be good). I prefer a hands-off approach to my testing requirements, but this will give you a quick and easy way to test your reeds.

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