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Royonics 400 programming

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Royonics 400 programming | 30 January, 2013

We have 4 machines and the boss wont get rid of them or upgrade them. They are still working after all these years, but it is the programming that is taking the time.

What i wanted to know is if anyone knows of a software that specifically deals with programming of the 400's which uses a (.rof) file extension. After many failed attempts on my part to break down the file to make an up to date program for them i am looking for a off the shelf solution. I am assured that the 500-700 series are totally different software.

All help is appreciated.

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Royonics 400 programming | 25 February, 2013

Try: Attn: Bernhard Unkelbach Ingenieurelectronic Maedelegabelstrasse 1 81825 Muenchen Germany Phone: 011-49-89-4300 717 Mobil: 011-49-172-8241 548 email:

BR, davef

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Royonics 400 programming | 15 April, 2013

Thanks Dave.

I emailed the person you named over a week ago and had no reply thus far.

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Royonics 400 programming | 16 April, 2013

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