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Another F4G/MCS30 question

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Another F4G/MCS30 question | 21 January, 2013

Sorry to keep brining up such old topic! I’m looking for some help. I have a CP4-3 that I’m getting up and running. It was last interfaced with Flexa software, however I’m looking at connecting an F4G or MCS30 to it. Does anyone know if it was upgraded to flexa will I have an issues communicating with the machine with MCS30 or Flexa? In other words did the machine need hardware or firmware updates to utilize the Flexa software? I would really hate to buy a MCS30/F4G station and find out it won’t communicate. Thanks!

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Another F4G/MCS30 question | 21 January, 2013

The machine will have to be reset-started to wipe the current proper and status out of the machine before you can communicate with an MCS. This can be dangerous if you do not have a current paper copy or disk back-up of your proper because you will not be able to receive it once you reset the machine and you will lose all your machine calibrations. With F4G you may be able to receive it before you wipe it, but I am not 100% sure on this. (F4G and Fuji-Cam you could connect and receive propers to either system, but I am not sure on Flexa)

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