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Juki feeder rise error

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Juki feeder rise error | 21 January, 2013

I can not believe this, We get back from Summer holidays turn on the first machine Juki KE750L goes to do a home and before the head moves, Error notice: rear feeder rise error, I go around the back, nothing out of place. but notice the receiver end of the light beam has a red & greed LED (just like reverse traffic lights) normally the top Red LED goes all the time but the bottom green LED goes off when you put your hand in the way of the beam. But this green LED never comes on at all, while this fault is there.

The machine has two in the rear side, the faulty one here is the beam nearest the PCB track.

So anyway I had to re-optimize the line to run on two machines and move feeders around to finished the run that way. Tomorrow I will have to expand my new folder and put more files into it on the computer called "2 and 3 machine"

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Juki feeder rise error | 21 January, 2013


as far as I remember Juki machines have sendor to check if there is a feeder high. So you have several thingd to check here:

1. Check if there is a feeder high 2. check the sensor calibration. I think it is a beam from one side that goes streight to the other side(transmitter- reciever)If one of both moved you will never get the right signal. Just check if they move and try to align them to get your signal. 3. Sensor failure. It is not so common, unless someone hit it or something.

Good luck!

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Juki feeder rise error | 30 January, 2013

----- More ------ Due to the need to keep to run going while waiting fo the repair joker to emerge, are doing the run on just two machines.It turns out that when the faulty machine has been left on for two hours the fault disappears and the machine works OK.

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Juki feeder rise error | 1 February, 2013

Interesting enough, it did turn out to be alignment, maybe the machine is getting bend & twisted just like people do when they get old....... or maybe I should say as the beam gets less intense with old age the sensor needs to be readjusted to pick up the brighter part of the light beam.

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Juki feeder rise error | 1 February, 2013

I am glad you got it. It had to be one of these.

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