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Quad IVc Central Controller Frozen

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Quad IVc Central Controller Frozen | 18 January, 2013

I was trying to set up a new board, and after creating the board directory, the CC spit back a line of garbage and said the directory was invalid. I pressed escape to start over, and it froze. Now when i start it every time, it goes through login and finds the machine, but at the main screen with the menus, there's a black bar partially across the screen, and no keys work. I have to ctrl-alt-del or if that won't work, cycle power to get out of the program. I can see that it accepted the directory, but still has another board file loaded, which is not in that directory. What can I do?

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Quad IVc Central Controller Frozen | 19 January, 2013

Ok, I managed to figure it out, and this is simply for anyyone having this issue. The issue was that the selected board or board folder did not reside in the selected board directory. the answer was to hold LSHIFT at startup to skip the autoexec of central controller and then edit C:QSBOARD , changing the directory and the baord location to known good values.

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