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Philips pick n place angle

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Philips pick n place angle | 4 January, 2013

Philips Gem Topaz - Does anyone have a decoder ring for calculating the correct place angle for components. I am looking for a fool proof way to program the correct angles depending on how the parts are supplied to the machine.

Thanks Mike

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Philips pick n place angle | 6 January, 2013

What parts are you having problems with. FYI. I have glass plate cal kit for sale if you know anyone interested?

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Philips pick n place angle | 18 January, 2013

The math is a function of how the component is orientated on the reel/tape. Verse how it is oriented on the board. Different SMT machines use CCW or CW orientation. Different CAD packages use CCW or CW. The next question is which Cad package are you using. Also just to make life more challenging occasionally a taped component is reversed to the norm. So it should be possible to reach 95% correct orientation without individual tweaking. In the more thorough case a database of each reel and its manufacturer must be created.

My program PCBSynergy uses the defaults but has no database function for that specialist correction. more high end packages like Technomatix do. PCBSynergy is currently a free but soon to be charged download. Techomatix requires a military sized budget.

The plug.

Goodluck sarason

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Philips pick n place angle | 23 January, 2013

I'm pretty sure the Topaz series dealt with rotations in the same way as the YM series. In DATA IN> MACHINE CONFIG> MOUNT R ATTR. You have the choice of REL or ABS. Until you get these sorted and understand the differences you may struggle a bit with rotations. Should be in the manual. I always ran REL, which means the mount angle is relative to the component in the tape. ABS is relative to the pick up angle.

I may be wrong but all cad systems/machines that I know of run CW as negative rotation. CWW is positive.

Hope that helps.

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