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MPM Accuflex Calibration

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MPM Accuflex Calibration | 4 January, 2013

We've got used MPM Accuflex that we recently purchased and it seems like the stencil to board offsets need to be calibrated. After looking into the manual it looks like it requires a fixture or calibration jig, can anyone confirm this?

Does anyone know the ins and outs of this calibration?

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MPM Accuflex Calibration | 4 January, 2013

If its the same as a Momentum then no you do not need to use jigs. There is a "global offset" field that allows you to add background offsets. The glass plate jig calibration procedure only needs to be used after a major crash or if you feel the need to have the global offsets at zero.

You should be able to find this in the utilities menu under calibrate machine.

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MPM Accuflex Calibration | 4 January, 2013

Any idea where the global offsets are entered? Under the vision setup there are print offsets, but these seem like they would be program specific, which is something we're looking to avoid since we will be running two machines networked.

Thanks for your help.

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MPM Accuflex Calibration | 7 January, 2013

You should be able to find this in the utilities menu under calibrate machine. (If your software is the same as my Momentum) If not, give MPM service a ring. They will help you.

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MPM Accuflex Calibration | 12 January, 2013

If the machine is printing with an offset on all products, then yes the printer needs to be calibrated with the fixture.

That particular model requires the same tools as the 500 and 1500. They were different from other MPM machines of that or prior vintages due to the original design from the UK.

The machine should have come with a large copper clad board (20"x20", or 508x508mm) and a stencil with a LOT of circular aperatures in a grid across the entire printable area.

The jist of this is that you would print the grid onto the copper plate and then the camera would inspect the offset between the stencil "hole" and the paste deposit. It's almost the same idea as mapping a PnP machine. This is much different than older MPM's where offsets could be performed in minutes.

Perhaps you could contact the seller of the machine to see if they have it. Quite often it gets mixed in with their stencil inventory and forgotten about.

The good news is that the Accuflex had better software that made calibration much less of a pain than 5.x or 6.x software.

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MPM Accuflex Calibration | 29 March, 2013


Just became a member and scanning the old posts hoping to help people out with their MPM printers. Most of this info is correct, the last post was the best.

Offsets on an Accuflex printer can be put in either per process program or globally. But for these offsets to be accurate the vision should be mapped every so often (the last post detailed that well), maybe once a year, or definitely after and repositioning of the camera assembly or vision gantry, including crashes. With the mapping info (coordinate offsets) info the software uses the offsets coordinates in the background to offset the print alignment bases on the location of the fiducials taught, not the entire grid. It is important to understand with the Accuflex that there are other alignments and calibrations settings that should be completed before running the Offsets calibration or you may be wasting your time.

With the Momentum series this is different. There is a set of glass plates with grid lines. The mapping test is run and the software determines the motion error in vision gantry in both X and Y. These errors are minute. Mapping files are created or over written after the mapping calibration. The mapping files are used in the Momentum for 2D inspection.

Good luck!

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