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SIPLACE S-25 HM | 28 December, 2012


my boss bought a old SIPLACE S-25HM. My problem is that I don't know nothing about this machine. I start the machine and nothing don't work. Machine work it before with a central server. From what I understood it is possible to use this machine in standalone mode, but what software to use and where to get it. Any advice will be helpful. Thank you!

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SIPLACE S-25 HM | 2 January, 2013

you should ask ofr software. Siemens has offline software where you can do almost everything you can think of. We have a server and a station from which we send our programs to the machine. Just tell themn you need that. If they bought the machine they sohuld be able to get the software too.

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SIPLACE S-25 HM | 2 January, 2013

My program PCBSynergy can generate a file for this machine.

The file seems to have a bug in the current release which can be easily fixed in a text editor. The use of the C comment /* has somehow got past me.

Anyway the out is programmed by selecting manufacturer Siemens. and it is currently the only machine type.

As for the rest of your problem reading the documentation for the program and the FAQ should help you get it running as for data on the machine one of the many dealers listed may well have a manual.

regards sarason

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SIPLACE S-25 HM | 2 January, 2013

Thank you, I already ask for the software, but maybe because of the holidays I don't have an answer until now. Sarason, I still waiting for the original software but is good to know that there are alternatives.

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